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Hard Floor


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Hudor’s substantial in-house team of experts have been delivering a wide range of specialist commercial cleaning services since 2008. We excel in the provision of large-scale projects, high-level cleaning and taking on high-risk cleaning opportunities.

As an experienced team of dedicated professionals, we share a passion for providing high quality specialist cleaning, and now service over 100 sites throughout Queensland, between our regular and periodical cleaning services.

Our specialist cleaning services include periodical work such as hard floors, window cleaning services, high level cleaning services, commercial carpet cleaning and more.

We provide specialist commercial cleaning services throughout Brisbane, on the Gold Coast and across regional Queensland.

Hard floor cleaning

Hudor Cleaning Services is renowned for a unique process of stripping and sealing floors, greatly impressing the centre management at Queensland’s premier retail and commercial centres. We have the experience and knowledge to expertly strip and seal terrazzo and vinyl floors, currently servicing over 100,000 square metres per annum – and growing.

Our highly skilled team understands that floors are exposed to unrelenting abrasion from foot and trolley traffic, constant spillages and dirt of various types. Without protection, these abrasions can cause permanent damage and dulling of the floor surface, impacting the safety and presentation of your floors.


Hudor is renowned for our unique process of stripping and sealing floors, which has greatly impressed our facility manager clients. We achieve the highest clarity and shine to our clients’ hard floors. As part of our ongoing service program, we provide regular maintenance servicing from top coating to spray buffing and burnishing.


Our specialist hard floor cleaning team undertook a comprehensive 3-week training course in the USA to gain the skill level required to provide this exceptional level of finish.

Window Cleaning Services

The Hudor team delivers quality medium-rise commercial window cleaning on buildings up to 5 storeys, with the use of carbon fibre extension poles and pure water technology. Wherever possible, we save on boom lift hire costs, while employing our strict WorkSafe methods by using water-fed cleaning techniques.


With the use of pure water, the Hudor team cleans windows in an entirely different way to traditional methods. By removing the minerals and impurities from the water using our filter and de-ionising system, we can scrub and rise frames and glass with streak-free results. No chemicals are used in the process, making it an environmentally friendly way to achieve streak-free, sparkling clean windows.

High Level Cleaning Services

Our team specialises in cost-effective high-level cleaning to heights above 3 metres for shopping centres, warehouses and distribution centres.

We are often called upon to undertake dusting and cleaning of hard-to-reach displays, signage, pipes, beams, and internal roofing structures within commercial buildings, which cannot be completed safely by an average housekeeping crew.


The Hudor team is fully trained, experienced, and licensed to operate the equipment and machinery required to complete this type of specialist cleaning. We use the safest and best industry practices to ensure your commercial area is clean and dust-free.


Thanks to our high standards and attention to detail, Hudor is a preferred provider of high-level dust cleaning services.

Carpet Cleaning Services

Our specialist commercial carpet cleaning service is second-to-none. We currently expertly clean in excess of 180,000 square metres of commercial carpet per annum.

As commercial carpet varies greatly, our skilled team uses the most innovative equipment to ensure your carpet is cleaned to the highest standard, while keeping the carpet cleaner for longer periods. Our cutting-edge steam cleaning equipment and quality products combine to protect wool carpets.

All team members are fully trained and certified in the most effective cleaning techniques and we hold an IICRC - Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certificate.

At Hudor Cleaning Services, we are confident of our professionalism, deliverability, and efficiency. We are happy to discuss your requirements for commercial cleaning services and invite you to contact us today.