Environmental Policy


Hudor Cleaning services has developed this policy to provide those working on its behalf an understanding of the expectations to managing and maintaining a system of work which minimise environmental impacts. To achieve this objective, we are committed to minimise waste of materials, substances and energy.


This policy is applicable to all functions of Hudor Cleaning Services and all team members therein. The company will continually improve its environmental performance through systematic monitoring and measurement of its environmental sustainability program against ISO14001 system.

Executive Management Commitment

Hudor Cleaning Services is committed to minimising adverse impacts on the environment through:

  • The purchase of environmentally friendly materials and consumables where available.
  • Taking a lead control of products purchased and used, minimising waste and implementing recycling systems where available.
  • Periodically reviewing the environmental management system to reduce pollution where possible.
  • Clear communication and training for all persons undertaking works for Hudor Cleaning Services to ensure a consistent approach to adhering to the environmental requirements of Hudor Cleaning Services and to all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Working with clients (where appropriate) to improve cooperative environmental management systems in order to maintain an environmental reporting system to allow management to be informed of environmental incidents.
  • Regularly review the activities to bring about better outcomes in our environmental performance.

Employee Expectations

All employees must adhere to this policy and the procedures set by Hudor Cleaning Services (documented and otherwise).

Breach of this policy may be regarded as misconduct, leading to disciplinary action, which may result in termination of employment or engagement. An individual may also be exposed to criminal or civil liability for a breach of relevant legislation.

For and on behalf of Hudor Cleaning Services.

Mohan Perera
General Manager.
(Last reviewed 09/2021)