Professional Shopping Center Cleaning Services

Ensuring shoppers feel welcome and safe, maximising sales floor potential, and delivering a positive retail experience.

Hudor Retail Services have been delivering and innovating bespoke retail /Shopping centre cleaning solutions for over 15 years to some of Australia’s most recognized organizations and brands.

Our solutions ensure that the moment a customer leaves their vehicle or approaches a store, Hudor’s cleaning team who created the best possible first impression that it is clean, welcoming and safe. Hudor’s delivery methods were designed around the merchandise on display ensuring limited use of water an application for the most environmentally friendly products around upholstery clothing, food, and electrical products.

Hudor has been providing quality cleaning services to numerous large-scale shopping centres across Queensland. Our senior management team has over 30 years’ experience working within shopping centres.

We’re proud to count some of Australia’s most iconic shopping centre brands among our valued clients.

We provide regular shopping centre cleaning teams, both daytime and night staff. Our core business aspect during the daytime is ensuring spills are rectified quickly, to avoid a potential slip and fall situation, scheduled regular cleaning of all bathrooms, toilets, and parent’s rooms, wiping down all touchpoints and touch-and-go food court cleaning. Staff are well-presented in neat uniforms, are courteous and respectful, and communicate effectively.

We cover the complete scope of services required by our clients, so the centre is cleaned, safe, and ready for use by tenants and shoppers. Rest assured, our entire team is fully trained in COVD-19 safe processes to ensure the health and safety of all.

Hudor is focused on research, development, and innovation aimed at continually enhancing our service delivery, productivity, and the overall performance of our organisation. Our entire team is fully trained in all the required aspects of cleaning and shopping centre regulations.

Our cleaning methods, equipment and environmentally friendly chemicals are carefully selected based on understanding how bacteria and germs are transmitted. This is best evidenced in washroom facilities. We ensure regular cleaning of touchpoints throughout the day to maintain good hygiene and prevent transmission of germs, while working collaboratively with washroom stakeholders, theatre maintenance, and stock replenishment needs.

At Hudor Cleaning Services, we proactively take on large-scale cleaning projects and challenging large footprint jobs which many other commercial cleaning companies decline. Hudor’s customisable cleaning solutions work within your budget, centre traffic flow and your unique cleaning requirements.

Your Hudor contact person can be reached directly at any time and will meet with you to discuss your requirements and client satisfaction.

At Hudor, our shopping centre cleaning teams are committed to creating a safe and secure environment for the enjoyment of both shoppers and tenants.