Quality Policy Statement


Hudor Cleaning Services has developed this policy to provide those working on its behalf an understanding of the expectations to managing and maintaining quality systems of work throughout all functions of its undertakings. To achieve this, we are committed to continuous improvement of our operations and the products and services provided by our company.


This policy is applicable to all functions of Hudor Cleaning Services and all team members therein.

Executive Management Commitment

  • Hudor Cleaning Services is committed to working within the requirements and specifications of its clients which have been agreed to by all parties.
  • Hudor Cleaning Services is committed to appropriately communicating such requirements and specifications with all relevant team members to ensure works are completed within all expectations.
  • Hudor Cleaning Services is committed to providing clear systems of work for all tasks, reviewing those systems periodically to ensure consistent best practice is achieved.
  • Hudor Cleaning Services management and team members are encouraged to discuss opportunities to improve processes and equipment with line management, with any resulting approved improvements to process or equipment appropriately communicated to relevant team members.
  • Business objectives shall be reviewed for effectiveness and suitability against the established known expectations and where required, re-established or appropriate corrective action taken to achieve the desired results.

Employee Expectations

All employees must adhere to this policy and the procedures set by Hudor Cleaning Services (documented and otherwise).

For and on behalf of Hudor Cleaning Services.

Mohan Perera
General Manager.
Hudor Integrated Services PTY LTD