Grievance & Dispute Resolution Policy


To provide guidance to Hudor Cleaning Services Management, its employees and those within its supply chain in the process of grievance and dispute resolution by providing a system for dealing with grievances available to all parties for use as a frame of reference and which allows for the grievance to be settled at the earliest possible opportunity.

It is the policy of this company to ensure that no person is treated unfairly and provide a safe working environment to its management, employees and suppliers.


We will ensure that any grievance and dispute that occurs when a person feels that they have been treated unfairly or when one or more people are having are disagreement is treated seriously and impartially. Part of this commitment is encouraging an open and communicative atmosphere in which any idea, suggestion, problem, complaint or question can be dealt with in an open, non-retaliatory and non-confrontational manner.

Aims and Objectives

Hudor management will implement procedures that allow a person who feels that they have been treated unfairly in any way to raise the issue with management to allow the issue to be dealt with.

Grievances/disputes in the workplace may arise for various reasons including, but not limited to; bullying, harassment or discrimination, grievances between staff members, between a staff member and a supplier, between management and a staff member. All grievances/disputes are to be dealt with as detailed in this policy.


Hudor will ensure that all supervisors are aware of the need to ensure that grievances and disputes between workers are settled amicably and at the lowest possible level and avoiding the need for managerial intervention, and where necessary, are educated in the skills necessary for dispute resolution.

All the workers and the suppliers will follow this process if a person is in dispute with another worker or a superior

  • The matter is to be discussed between the persons involved and their superior.
  • If the matter cannot be resolved at this level, the matter will be referred to the next level until all avenues available in this process are exhausted.
  • Where a matter cannot be resolved “in-house”, then it may be referred to an external tribunal for decision.


If any employee, management or supplier at Hudor Cleaning services consider they have been harassed, bullied or discriminated against, they should not to ignore it. Ignoring it might be interpreted by the other person as consent. Do not respond to unacceptable behaviour with more unacceptable behaviour. If you are angry and upset as a result of unfair treatment, Hudor encourages you to take some time to prepare for what to do next, or seek help from Human Resources or your manager.

Hudor recommends you try to resolve your issue using one of the following three options:


Prepare and then make a calm, polite but firm request to the person or persons responsible for
the change you need.


Any non-disciplinary solution, such as organising training for a person or group, a conciliation or three-way meeting, asking a manager to have an informal chat with someone, asking for a decision to be reviewed by someone else


A formal complaint (describing what has happened and why you feel it was against this policy) can be made in writing or by email to your manager, or your manager’s manager. Where a team member is unable to provide a written complaint, a verbal statement is to be taken by an appropriate supervisor and manager.


Many different outcomes are possible from taking any of the options outlined above, and include;

  • A review of a decision.
  • An agreement that the inappropriate behaviour will change or stop.
  • An apology.
  • Education or training for a person or group.
  • Changed work practices.
  • A formal warning (with a varying degree of severity).
  • Termination of employment.

All parties will respect and abide by any decision made in resolution of the dispute. An accurate record will be kept of the settlement, and be signed off by all parties involved.

Where serious allegations are raised that may be breaches of Company policy or the law, any
evidence of ‘suppression’ or ‘cover-up’ may be considered serious misconduct.

For and on behalf of Hudor Cleaning Services

Mohan Perera
General Manager
(Last reviewed 09/2021)