About Hudor Cleaning Services

We providing high quality cleaning services for over 100 sites throughout Queensland.

Hudor Cleaning Services is an industry leader specialising in the provision of services for Shopping Centres, Private Schools and Colleges, and Commercial Cleaning Sectors.

Since our establishment in 2008, we have built a strong reputation for the consistent delivery of professional, high-quality cleaning services to our clients through embracing industry best practices and proving ourselves to be reliable, Consistent, and trusted.

At Hudor Cleaning Services, our management team is experienced in the recruitment of skilled employees and the implementation of sophisticated technology in our daily operations. Research and development are a key focus for our company, resulting in innovative processes that enhance our service delivery, the productivity of our employees, and the overall performance of the company.

As a cohesive team of dedicated professionals with a passion for providing high-quality cleaning services, we now service over 100 sites throughout Queensland. All our work is fully supervised to guarantee the high standards we are known for our consistently maintained.

We concentrate on building and maintaining strong, long-term relationships with all our valued clients. Our mission is to be your most valued business partner.

Our substantial in-house team provides cost savings without unnecessary overheads while ensuring high-quality service, and our specialist in-house periodical cleaning services team is a critical element of the holistic solution we provide.

We have developed a strong competitive advantage through informed strategic planning, our robust management model, our strong and efficient communication channels, experienced senior skilled management, transparency and accountability, and our in-house teams.

Our guiding principles are structured around a ‘3 Pillar Approach’ based:

  1. Trust between stakeholders and building long term relationships.
  2. Reliability in service provision and commitment.
  3. Consistency in service delivery and innovation.

Hudor Cleaning’s pricing is competitive with significant incentives to encourage long-standing partnerships, including costings tailored to your specific requirements. Our Cost Summary document provides a transparent breakdown of all individual cost elements, ensuring clients can make a confident, well-informed decision about contracting our company.

We take pride in the overwhelmingly positive feedback we receive from clients, which commend us on our clear communication, positive attitude, proactive approach to projects other companies won’t try, and the way we go above and beyond to find a solution to their cleaning issues. This level of service has enabled us to build strong relationships which underpin the steady ongoing growth of our business.

We deliver a client-focused, “single point of contact” approach to facilitate clear communication, with broad access to specialist knowledge, enabling smooth transitions in taking over new contracts. We provide a transition plan which incorporates site management briefings, training requirements, equipment, and consumable requirements, employee engagement, and all other contract transitional delivery requirements.

We value our team members, particularly our large number of long-term staff.

Our Team

We take pride in our management model and the high quality, customer- focused services we consistently deliver. It ensures our clients secure the benefits of a reliable management structure that enforces clear lines of accountability and escalation without unnecessary overheads. Hudor management provides a Transition Plan which includes all aspects of a robust transition plan incorporating site management briefings, employee engagement, training requirements, equipment and consumable requirements, and all other Contract transitional delivery requirements.

At Hudor Cleaning Services, we are confident of our professionalism, deliverability, and efficiency. We are happy to discuss your requirements for commercial cleaning services and invite you to contact us today.