Professional College & Private School Cleaning

Delivering exceptional cleaning standards which provide peace of mind while ensuring the safety of your students.

School Cleaning Services is about creating an environment that gives kids the best opportunity to learn. And we value the part we play to create that environment. Hudor School cleaning team is reliable, dependable, trustworthy and efficient. Our professional technicians receive full background checks and are always courteous. A dedicated point of contact can be reached directly at anytime and will meet with you anytime to discuss your satisfaction.

Our customizable solutions consider your budget, your flow of traffic and your unique cleaning needs. Our clean for health program uses the same innovative methods and processes that we use to clean medical facilities. Hudor cleaning solution works with you to create a safe and secure environment for learning

Our cleaning methods, equipment and approved, environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals are carefully selected based on understanding the science behind how bacteria and germs are transmitted. We use the same innovative methods and processes used to clean medical facilities, to ensure the utmost safety of your students, staff and visitors.

At Hudor Cleaning Services, we employ an in-house team of skilled cleaners, not contractors or labourers, which ensures we deliver consistently high levels of service. Every member of our experienced, trusted team is fully screened, police checked and holds a Blue Card. We have worked hard to earn our reputation for being courteous, reliable, efficient, and dependable.

For our team, it’s all about partnership and people. We work collaboratively with you to determine your specific requirements and customise our services to suit your budget. Our team is policy compliant, provides clear, regular communication and your dedicated contact person can be reached at any time to discuss your requirements.

Our team roster is structured to provide the educational cleaning services you require after school hours. We place a strong emphasis on the security of our personnel, training them in the importance of locking doors to prevent security breaches or vandalism.

When it comes to the security of master keys, Hudor has adopted Tile & Tag technology, a Bluetooth tracking system which securely locates a master key quickly and reliably, so you are assured the security of your school will not be compromised.  

Our college and private school cleaning services include customisable solutions based on your budget, traffic flow, and your school’s unique needs. Ensure optimal hygiene in your school’s learning environment – contact Hudor to discuss your school cleaning needs today.